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How does Virtual Reality compliment the classroom?

  • Improved knowledge retention through personal experience

Virtual Reality provides one of the most important aspects of learning that no other technology can match: one of experience. Augmented & Virtual Reality dramatically strengthens knowledge retention and supports improved student outcomes, through immersive and engaging personal experiences- gripping students’ imaginations and stimulating thought in ways not possible with traditional books, pictures, or videos.

  • Increased engagement by transforming the learning environment and captivating students of all ages

Engagement is the key to excellent teaching and truly deep learning. AR & VR offer unique and unparalleled ways to engage and stimulate students, by allowing them to immerse themselves in events, role play areas and interactive displays with technology that inspires and motivates.

Virtual Reality is incredibly powerful and is of particular benefit to students who struggle to remain focused in the traditional learning environment. Using this technology in their learning, students have an improved understanding of topics, experience greater concentration, a renewed enthusiasm for learning and provide a better quality of response and engagement.

Research in the use of Virtual Reality learning

This document has been written to explore current research into the use of virtual and augmented reality within the sphere of learning.