Technology is a highly effective tool in facilitating the way we learn, teach and work, and with this in mind ARVR Education are excited to deliver immersive learning technology using Virtual and Augmented Reality. Our vision is to reimagine and redefine the everyday by creating effective and innovative solutions to reflect the needs of the contemporary classroom and workplace alike.

With Virtual Reality students can visit places not practical, or even possible in real life, all from the safety of the classroom. Imagine exploring the inside of a blood vessel, the structure of an atom, the depths of the ocean, or the surface of the moon. With Virtual Reality, places can be explored as if you were actually there, and students can experience and interact with scenes and creatures they will likely never see in their lifetimes.

Using Virtual Reality, we can put children in simulated dangerous and compromising situations, in places they should never have to experience in the real world, and from this they can learn empathy, safety and emotion, and gain an understanding that is simply unobtainable from traditional media. Imagine the immersion, understanding and emotional experience a student could gain from standing in the trenches during World War 1?

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Case Study
  • 75% increased knowledge retention when learning through experience

    Learning through experience is one of the most effective ways to learn, boosting knowledge retention by up to 75%.

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

    Evidence shows that the brain interacts with visual stimuli more effectively with up to 90% of the information transmitted being imagery.

  • 20% increase in exam results by utilising VR in the classroom

    Introducing VR into your lessons can improve your students’ grades and yield up to 20% increase in exam results.

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“The impact of utilising VR and AR in the classroom has contributed to immense student growth...”